Raincup Games and Coziness

Cozy Games

The first time I heard the term cozy games was very recently, when someone mentioned it associated with Animal Crossing. I entered the world of Animal Crossing very recently as well, being New Horizons my first one in the franchise. And I can totally picture the meaning of cozy games if I think about Animal Crossing and its core mechanics.

According to the literature found about cozy games, a key point about its design is the concept of wellness and abundance; the feeling of being safe and comfortable in a place that belongs to you. This is achieved, for example, via personalization, music or ambiance in general. Although the concept was unknown for me, it turns out to be pretty close to what we expected “Raincup” to represent.

Animal Crossing knows best.

The Raincup Concept

Raincup is a made up word that comes from “teacup” + “rain” and it’s meant to evoke that cozy feeling of staying at home, playing your favorite game and entering a completely different world full of adventures while it’s raining or at least cold outside. Raincup was also founded during our country’s winter (July) and for us – since we don’t get any snow because we live by the sea – winter is more about rain. That has changed over the years, though, and every year we get less and less rain… 🙁

At Raincup we aim to create games that represent a memorable experience and that make people feel good. We have nothing against war themed games or games where the main goal is to kill or defeat other people, however it’s not our cup of tea (shameful pun intended). What we want to create goes more along the lines of “nice games”, if there is such a thing… And cozy games is a concept that surprisingly includes many things that we would like to present to our players.

Our first game, however, is not so close to the editorial line that we have in mind. Being a mobile free to play, its design strayed away a little from this emotion evoking goal we are talking about. Nevertheless, we have worked hard to keep it as close to those concepts as possible, featuring a cute character, delivering the experience of exploring and also including a safe space where the coziness is the star.

Our Future

In the future, we want our games to have a stronger narrative component and specially, to deliver a memorable emotion. That could be accomplished by having a great story or through gameplay. As I mentioned before, the cozy game concept has a lot of possibilities to deliver this cozy feeling; possibilities we are exploring in order to help us better define and better design our next project.

As a new company, we are in the stage of defining our personality, so to speak, what we want to be recognized and remember for, what style of games we want to specialize in, what platforms are the best to accomplish these goals, etc. It’s a long process and this quarantine months have really favored the reflection of our team about it.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned to find out more about our creative process and the challenges we are facing. 🙂 Follow us on social media!