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Why Games?

Raincup Games is born from a dream dreamt for a long time. I’ll tell you a little bit about me and how does my experience relate to our game company’s story. My personal story with games starts when I was probably about 5 years old or less. My dad has always been a technology enthusiast and with little effort, a variety of gadgets and machines could be found in our home. That’s how I got to try an Atari 800XL. The first games played were Pacman, River Raid, Jungle Hunt and some others. At first, my father used the computer while my sister and I watched in awe. I don’t remember exactly how or when the transition happened but the next memory I have with the Atari is us enjoying countless hours of gaming and also trying a little of “programming” with Logo Writer (“the little turtle” in our words).

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After that, consoles and computer games became one of the most exciting parts of my life. I have very fond memories related to the arrival of newer, more powerful computers, trying our first Tomb Raider and Star Wars games and very specially receiving a Nintendo 64 as a Christmas gift. The strongest feeling that comes to mind is the indescribable sensation of curiosity and fascination when I first explored the Kokiri Forest in Ocarina of Time.

Fast forward to a more recent time, when the time came for me to choose a career path it wasn’t a easy decision. I thought hard about the things I liked and the things I thought I was good at. Since my first choice – Astronomy – turned out to be a little far from my skills then, the next strong interest was in videogames. That’s how I decided to study Computer Science, since that was the closest to developing games at the time, at least from my point of view.

Taking the Long Path

My University was – and still is – strongly focused on Science and technical skills. I found people there with very similar interests (anime and videogames), something that had been rare for me up until that moment. Among the students the interest for developing games was a shared one. And that’s how some groups and organizations started to take form. Meanwhile me, being shy and having little confidence in my potential skills, kind of missed the opportunity to participate in those groups. When I realized that was something I ‘should’ be doing, it seemed like a done deal and I couldn’t find the guts to participate.

In University I was lucky enough to meet Juan Manuel, who is now my husband and partner in crime 🙂 We started being very close friends and then became a couple that did everything together. He follows my crazy ideas and I follow his, so supporting each other’s dreams is part of our deal.

Hi! That’s us 😀

After we finished University, and even before graduating, we both found jobs on IT (on the same company). And with that, inadvertently, I was almost definitely leaving my interest in game development behind. Or at least I was putting it to sleep. We worked for that company for about 7 years. I realized the job I did there was not something that made me happy or made me feel accomplished long before leaving, and kind of carried on with that frustration for a long time. This frustration was shared with my husband who somehow felt the same way. We felt a little trapped and saw our dreams from afar, regretting every new year how we hadn’t done anything to change our lives, again. I looked at my former classmates, most of the same people that participated in the game dev group I didn’t join, and admired the work they were doing and the bravery of being working on their dreams.

My IT job, of course, gave me a lot of good things. For starters: money which game stability and allowed me to accomplish many great things (getting married, traveling to amazing places, acquiring goods that now make our life a little easier, etc.) and I also learnt a LOT of things. Most of those skills were completely transferable to the game dev world, although I still have trouble believing or acknowledging that 🙂

The Trigger

When 2018 came I don’t really know how or why exactly but my husband and I were completely sure that this was the moment to – finally – change our lives and start working for our dreams. I contacted some of my former university classmates (those that were working on gamedev), asked for advice and support. Some stars aligned and exactly during that time a Government Funding for creative women opened its application process. I applied and won!

This funding was a crucial part of the transition and a key point in our game company’s story. I said to myself that if I got the funding, I would quit my job and work full time on my dream. And that’s exactly what happened. That little opportunity was the last push I needed to start really working for something that made me proud. This was also combined with other life changes, unbelievable opportunities for my husband and other things.

So that’s how Raincup was born. The project that we applied to the funding was “Patiperro”: the story of a puppy that had been accidentally separated from its owner and needed to travel the world to go back to him. The development started on July 2018 and the project suffered many transformations during the process. Right now it’s called Jumpy Paws and we are working hard to see it become a quality product that represents all the hard work and life changing experiences that we went through to give it birth.

Showing our eaaaarly prototype in Game Dev Planet – December 2018.

And that, as they say, is that…

And this is the moment when the flashback ends and the story reaches present time. From now on, Our game company’s story is being written with the help of people like you who are reading this post. Please continue to follow our story and see what surprises await us. The fastest way to do so is by following our social networks listed below.

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Thanks for visiting Raincup Games’ blog. I’m not really sure yet what kind of things we will be posting here, but hopefully the posts will help you get to know us better and dive into our game development process!

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