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Jumpy Paws - World Adventures is an adventure game that mixes typical platformer elements with narrative RPG features. You join a brave puppy that is searching for his way back home after he embarks in an unexpected trip around the world. You'll get to visit incredible and exotic places, discover different cultures and live amazing adventures. Train and play with your puppy in order to level him up and reveal new skills and secret levels. The game will have two different versions for mobile and PC.


Jumpy Paws started as simple idea to apply to the public fund that gave it life. The main goal was to show Latin American locations, its culture and iconic places. In that way, latin american players would feel represented by the game and the rest of the world would get to know a bit of our culture through a fun experience. The game has changed and gone back and forth when it comes to story, narrative, gameplay and mechanics. The first concept aimed to be a very narrative one, with a lot of exploration mechanics showing the sadness a pet feels when losing sight of its owners. During the development of the first prototype this idea was almost completely lost, leading the mechanics to emulate classical platformers such as Donkey Kong, focusing on action and leaving narrative almost completely behind. In the second iteration of the project we are struggling to revive the original ideas and in that way deliver the product that we once dreamed of. With that idea in mind, we are including narrative and story-driven aspects while maitaining some action packed moments for everyone to enjoy. After seeing the product's potential we decided to work on a PC version where the exploration and narrative could be further developed. That's how two Jumpy Paws will see the light in different platforms.


  • Unique scenarios portraying iconic places of the World.
  • Story mode to join Paws on its journey back home.
  • Runner and Challenge mode that allow you to test your skills in the game.
  • Train and acquire new skills that will help you find secret and new levels.
  • Many different dog breeds to choose as main character.


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About Raincup Games

We are an indie games development studio. Our core team are Pamela and Juan Manuel, a married couple that dreams on making amazing and unforgettable games to share with the world.

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Jumpy Paws Credits

Pamela Clunes
Lead Designer, Gameplay programmer.

Juan Manuel Zavala
Co-designer, Lead Developer

Guillermo Angel
Art Director

Ronny Antares
Sound Director and Composer

Marco Montecinos
3D Artist

Jaime Pinto
3D Artist

Simón Meza
UI/UX Artist

Víctor Véliz
Store UI/UX Artist

Francisco Somalo
Concept Artist

Eduardo Carter
Technical Advisor

Felipe Cárcamo
3D Animator

Andrea Yáñez
Characters Rigging

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